A good work of art takes you on an infinite journey. Its beauty moves you. It will let you wonder. It is a place to immerse yourself in and always discover something new, time after time.

Daphne Rijkoort


I never expected to be an painter. At the age of eleven I visited the Guggenheim museum in New York.  I was overwhelmed by its volume, the space it shaped, the round forms and walls, walking upwards around the centred hall. It was not the skyscraper I fell for and still it is one of my favourite buildings in the world.  In the same holiday we visited the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) and although I was impressed, still remembering the visit quite well, the paintings were so flat. The effect of those two visits are still visible in my paintings. 

In my paintings there is always a new perspective. Something new I found out, a new way, a new perspective on painting, on artists, on colours, on life. They show my way of life out of curiosity, finding new depts, new philosophies. Always looking at the artists from before, and what they had in common, to learn from their messages and develop my own. Sometimes I turn my paintings around and around even during the painting proces to make them round or to be able to paint. Their names reveal the content. Even for me as an artist their depts and beauty keep reveiling years after painting them. I hope they keep doing specifically that for a while…..not only for me, but for many people.


Every day is different, not a single one is the same. It’s all part of nature and that’s what fascinates me. It is my way of living, inspired not only by painters, but also philosophers, musicians, architects and other artists with whom I collaborate. They al have something in common. 

Michaelangelo for his translation of the David, and his strong spiritual connection. 

Rembrandt for his humor and his use of light in that time already, with all the hidden secrets.

Van Gogh for his longing and need to paint, his love for nature and his way of painting movement with one straight line. 

Kandinsky inspires me with his round graphic forms, his colours and his philosophy on art.

Etty Hillesum for her longing to be as transparant as possible. To live through all facets of life, to get to know herself and humanity in an exceptional way.